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Domain Driven Design with Laravel 9: User domain

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  • 11 mins read

Modern web frameworks take one group of related concepts and split it across multiple places throughout your codebase. Laravel provides a very clear structure with large variety of tools to make the development easier and faster. Along with the huge community it makes Laravel a great option for most starting projects.

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DIY - Universal RC Joystick

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  • 23 mins read

Controlling devices over a distance opens lots of possibilities. Our Arduino roadmap contains many projects that must be controlled remotely and sometimes on a long-distance. Of course, it can be done with a PC but our experience has shown that it becomes complicated when you need long way, portable and rapid communications. Our solution was designing a multi-functional remote controller, we have called it AirControl. Aware of the needs it will have 4 push buttons, 2 switch buttons, 2 potentiometers and two analog modules. Additionally, each analog joystick module has integrated push button.

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Universally unique identifiers: UUID vs ULID

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  • 7 mins read

Historically a lot of software has used incrementing numbers to represent the identifier of a particular piece of data. They can be auto-generated by many data stores, they are easy to read, efficient to store and naturally time ordered.

As time passes, applications become larger. They need more resources and usually distributed in different places. That may cause some errors generating concurrent numbers and coordination issues. Incremental numbers can also be the source of security problems and they may include implicit information about datasets volume. Modern software architectures also trend to decouple infrastructure layer and move ID generation logic to the domain core.

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