Free Performance and Optimization Report for Your Webpages

Our experts will provide fundamental content practices to refine your content delivering a consistent content experience to your leads and customers. The report contains a variety of different optimization strategies including performance, search engine optimization (SEO), accessibility and best practices.






Web performance is vital for your website visitors to have a good experience. Make your website faster, including working on slow processes and removing bottlenecks.

  • Encourage visitors to spend more time navigating on your site.
  • Improve your site position in search rankings.
  • Increase engagement and conversion rates.

Faster website speed have been shown to increase visitor retention, loyalty and user satisfaction, especially for users with slow internet connections and those on mobile devices. We describe and explain performance terms, providing you detailed suggestions on how to improve them.


Search engine optimization

Search engines help to monetize and promote online content. As a website owner, optimizing your site for search engine making the user experience better must be one of the top priorities.

  • Apply clear structures and take profit from the power of social networks.
  • Enrich results and describe your content with appropriate meta data.
  • Make sure search engines understand your website pages.

SEO is often about making small modifications to parts of your website. The sum of changes could have a noticeable impact on user experience and performance in organic search results. We analyse your webpages and prepare a comprehensive guide with those modifications.



Beyond the standard implementations of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript codes, it's important to learn how to use these technologies so that all readers might use your creations on the web.

  • Regardless of auditory, visual or physical abilities your site should remain usable.
  • Make your site accessible to keyboard, mouse and touch screen users.
  • Provide proper textual alternatives to multimedia content.

In many cases web content can be made accessible just by making sure the correct HTML elements are always used for the correct purpose. We review missing accessibility elements and highlight opportunities to improve the accessibility of your web application.


Best Practices

It's not enough to simply have a functional website. Your website must be easy to use for the visitors and they should enjoy interacting with it.

  • Improve user experience with common good practices.
  • Detect security vulnerabilities before possible attacks.
  • Increase your site security and trust.

Your site needs to be fast, secure, useful and well-designed. Each website page and all of the parts of a website page must have a purpose and be consistent. We check and generate a list of recommendations to make sure your site follows all the best practices.

best practices

Our Pricing

All plans include Performance, SEO, Accessibility and Best practices scoring in the report.


$0/ report

  • Personalized score report
  • Onsite social networks
  • Page load optimization
  • Essential SEO guidance
  • Rich results schemas
  • Site quality scan


$15/ report

  • Personalized score report
  • Social networks engagement
  • Page load optimization
  • Advanced SEO advice
  • Rich results schemas
  • Site quality scan
Free Basic plan is available exclusively to new customers


I highly recommend this site review feature to anyone looking to optimize their website and enhance their online presence.


I recently used the audit feature and I was blown away by the depth of information provided in the report. As someone with limited technical knowledge, I found the report to be easy to understand and incredibly helpful in identifying areas of improvement for my website.

Michael S.

The report covered everything from on-page SEO to site speed and mobile responsiveness, giving me a comprehensive overview of my site's performance. Thanks to the report insights, I was able to make the necessary changes and see a noticeable improvement in my site's search engine rankings and user engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common doubts.

All our reports include personalized information about page performance, elements accessibility, best practices and SEO. Additionally, it includes handy information about social networks and their integration on the website. Depending on the requested plan, it may also include SEO advice, review of missing metadata attributes, advanced details on how to improve webpage quality and tons of other useful information.

Inspections performed by our experts are always individualized and personalized. On one hand, a variety of automated tools are used to inspect and review your website, gathering necessary information. On the other hand, a detailed & manual analysis is performed with all available data to provide a report with practical and useful information for you.

We think it's fair to test the service before buying it. That's why we offer for free our basic plan to new customers.

Many times it depends on the webpage complexity as our reports are personalized and all of them are being prepared manually. Usually it takes 1-3 business days to have it ready. In some cases, just a few hours are enough.

Information about the report, results and other details are always available in your user area. Additionally, when the report is ready, a notification is sent to the provided email address together with a direct access link.

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