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Packages already developed and currently used within operational infrastructures

Laravel 9 - Domain Driven Design

Modern web frameworks teach you to take one group of related concepts and split it across multiple places throughout your codebase. Laravel is a robust framework with a big community behind it. Usually it's standard structure is enough for most starting projects.

Building scalable applications, instead, requires a different approach. Have you ever heard from a client to work on controllers or review the models folder? Probably never - they ask you to work on invoicing, clients management or users. These concept groups are called domains.

View Laravel 9 Domain Driven Design on GitHub

Package: Laravel 9 Domain Driven Design


GeoDetect is a framework-agnostic PHP package that allows to effortlessly extract valuable country information from IP addresses. Powered by a robust and up-to-date IP geolocation database, the package provides accurate results and ensures reliable performance. By Integrating GeoDetect into your PHP applications developers can easily implement geolocation functionality without the hassle of building and maintaining their own IP geolocation database.

View GeoDetect on GitHub

Package: GeoDetect

PHP Containerization

In modern web development, containerization has emerged as a popular approach for packaging applications, providing isolated environments, and simplifying deployment processes. Docker, an open-source platform, has gained significant traction in this regard, allowing developers to encapsulate their applications and dependencies into containers. Explore the benefits and steps of Docker containerization for both Laravel and Symfony, alongside other general PHP web applications.

View PHP Containerization on DockerHub

Package: PHP Containerization


Criteria is a framework-agnostic PHP package that allows managing criteria pattern, streamlining data filtering, sorting, and pagination with ease. By Integrating Criteria into your PHP applications developers will easily adapt to evolving filtering requirements without the need for extensive code modifications.

View Criteria on GitHub

Package: Criteria

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