TikTok Notes starts rolling out as a new rival to Instagram

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TikTok is now introducing its Instagram competitor, TikTok Notes, to specific Android and iOS users in Australia and Canada. This rollout allows users to download the app and participate in limited testing. The announcement was made through a tweet, and the app is also listed on the App Store and Google Play, complete with official images showcasing its features for those who haven't accessed it yet.

Boston Dynamics' Revolutionary All-Electric Humanoid

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The humanoid robotics market is witnessing a surge in activity, prompting Boston Dynamics, the industry pioneer, to take decisive action. Introducing their latest creation, the new humanoid robot dubbed Atlas, the company marks a significant step towards commercial viability.

While both the old and new Atlas share a name, their design and functionality diverge significantly. The previous iteration, renowned for its agility and viral stunts, relied on a complex hydraulic system. In contrast, the new Atlas is entirely electric, boasting a more compact and lightweight construction. Notably, it adopts a consumer-oriented design, featuring protective covers and user-friendly elements such as a prominent status light and an illuminated power button reminiscent of Boston Dynamics' Spot series.

Google agrees to destroy browsing data collected in Incognito mode

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Google has agreed to either delete or de-identify billions of records of web browsing data gathered while users were in its private browsing mode, "Incognito", as outlined in a proposed class action settlement filed on Monday.

The settlement proposed in the case of Brown v. Google will additionally require the company to provide more transparency regarding its data collection practices in Incognito mode and impose restrictions on future data gathering. Pending approval from a federal judge in California, the settlement may affect 136 million Google users. The lawsuit, initiated in 2020 by Google account holders, alleged that the company unlawfully monitored their activities through the private browsing feature.

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Laravel 11 is released

  • 4 mins read
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Laravel 11 has been officially launched, bringing along several exciting enhancements. Among the notable updates is the requirement for a minimum PHP version of 8.2, ensuring compatibility with the latest features and optimizations. Additionally, a new Laravel Reverb package has been introduced to Laravel's suite of first-party tools. Moreover, users can expect a streamlined directory structure, contributing to a more organized and efficient development process. These advancements collectively contribute to making Laravel 11 a compelling choice for web development projects, offering improved performance, functionality, and developer experience.

Klarna AI assistant does the work of 700 people

  • 1 min read

One month after expanding its OpenAI-driven virtual assistant globally, the Swedish buy-now, pay-later company has unveiled fresh data showcasing its proficiency in managing customer interactions, enhancing shopper satisfaction, and yielding improved financial outcomes. Having announced its collaboration with OpenAI early last year, Klarna positioned itself as one of the pioneers in incorporating the firm's innovative ChatGPT technology into a shopping plug-in. Initially, the natural-language interface facilitated personalized shopping decisions, described by Klarna as "smooth shopping".

jQuery 4 Beta release

  • 1 min read

jQuery is a fast and compact JavaScript library that simplifies tasks like editing HTML documents, handling events, and adding animations. Its user-friendly interface works well on many browsers, and it has revolutionized how millions of people write JavaScript.

jQuery 4.0.0 has been released in beta! The development team is pleased to introduce the enhancements they've been working on. This update includes bug fixes, performance enhancements, and notable changes, such as the discontinuation of support for older versions of Internet Explorer - eliminating headaches for many.

Google reduces recaptcha free tier

  • 1 min read

reCAPTCHA, a service by Google designed to protect websites from spam and abuse, has been predominantly free for most sites. While enjoying the free tier limits of 1 million assessments per month, leading to near-universal implementation on millions of websites, it appears that a change is imminent starting April 1st, 2024.

Elon Musk’s Neuralink implants brain tech in human patient

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On Sunday, Elon Musk's neurotechnology startup Neuralink successfully implanted its device in a human for the first time. The billionaire mentioned on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Monday that the patient is recovering well.

The company is working on a brain implant designed to assist individuals with severe paralysis in controlling external technologies solely through neural signals. Neuralink initiated the recruitment of patients for its inaugural in-human clinical trial in the fall, following the approval granted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in May to conduct the study.

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