After a decade, Apple discontinues its electric car project

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After a decade of development, numerous shifts in direction and leadership, and a multitude of leaks, Apple has purportedly ceased work on its electric car. As per a Bloomberg report, the company is reallocating some staff to focus on internal generative AI projects and considering laying off others.

Internally referred to as Project Titan, the ambitious car project initially aimed for a luxurious, limousine-like interior, advanced self-driving capabilities, and a starting price of at least $100,000. However, over time, the project's ambitions were scaled back. For instance, plans for Level 4 self-driving capabilities were reduced to Level 2+. Despite initial plans dating back to 2014, continual delays pushed the target release date to 2028 before ultimately being discontinued.

Apple's long-standing plans for expansion were focused on two key areas: the automotive industry and augmented reality. The first move in augmented reality came with the recent launch of the Vision Pro headset. However, with the cancellation of the car project, Apple's future growth trajectory now centers on mixed reality, wearables, and generative AI.

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