HiBit launches Site Audits service

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We are happy to announce that HiBit launches a new service called Site Audits.The service provides individualized and personalized reporting of requested webpages. Detailed action points are included to fix and/or improve each webpage. Some of our main goals are:

  • Improve webpage performance and decrease loading times

  • Optimize webpage for search engines and increase organic traffic

  • Make your website accessible for everyone and everywhere

  • Avoid security vulnerabilities and enhance user experience

You will find different plans to choose depending on your needs. Besides, we think it's fair to test the service before buying it. That's why we offer for free our basic plan to new customers. Use the following link to get your first audit for free: get the audit for free!

What does it include?

All our reports include personalized information about page performance, elements accessibility, best practices and SEO. Additionally, it includes handy information about social networks and their integration on the website. Depending on the requested plan, it may also include SEO advice, review of missing metadata attributes, advanced details on how to improve webpage quality and tons of other useful information.


All payments are processed using PayPal payment gateway with all the benefits and security it provides.

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