Customize Laravel pagination views

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Laravel is a powerful PHP framework that has gained popularity due to its simplicity and flexibility. One of the features that make it stand out is pagination. Pagination is a technique used to break large datasets into smaller, more manageable pieces, allowing users to navigate through them with ease. By default, Laravel provides a pagination system that works well for most use cases. However, sometimes you may need to customize it to meet specific requirements. In this post, we will explore how to customize pagination in Laravel.

Pagination in MongoDB: efficient retrieval and display of data

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  • 5 mins read
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Pagination is a crucial aspect of modern web applications that deal with large datasets. When working with MongoDB, a popular NoSQL database, efficient pagination techniques become essential to retrieve and display data in a controlled manner. MongoDB provides various features and functions to achieve efficient pagination. In this article, we will examine these concepts, exploring how they can be used to implement pagination effectively in MongoDB.

HiBit launches Site Audits service

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We are happy to announce that HiBit launches a new service called Site Audits.The service provides individualized and personalized reporting of requested webpages. Detailed action points are included to fix and/or improve each webpage. Some of our main goals are:

  • Improve webpage performance and decrease loading times

  • Optimize webpage for search engines and increase organic traffic

  • Make your website accessible for everyone and everywhere

  • Avoid security vulnerabilities and enhance user experience

You will find different plans to choose depending on your needs.

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