Improved GeoDetect featuring flag recognition

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  • 4 mins read
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Collecting and analyzing data on users' geographical locations has become increasingly essential for various applications. Precise geolocation data has the potential to significantly enhance the user experience by personalizing content, customizing marketing strategies, and implementing features specific to regions. Back in May, we introduced the GeoDetect package to facilitate this process.

Criteria: PHP package for managing Criteria Pattern

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  • 5 mins read
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The Criteria Pattern stands as a powerful tool, often hidden in the shadows of more commonly discussed design patterns. This pattern empowers developers to implement dynamic and customizable queries in their applications, enhancing flexibility and maintainability To facilitate this process, Criteria package provides the shared domain logic that contains abstract criteria implementation that each specific criteria should extend from.

GeoDetect: PHP package for IP-based country detection

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  • 3 mins read
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The ability to gather and analyze data about users' geographical locations has become increasingly vital for numerous applications. Whether it's personalizing content, tailoring marketing strategies, or implementing region-specific features, having accurate geolocation information can significantly enhance the user experience. To facilitate this process, GeoDetect package detects the country associated with an IP address.

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