Interfaces binding with implementations in Laravel

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  • 9 mins read
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An interface is a programming structure that allows the computer to enforce certain properties on an object. In object oriented programming, an interface generally defines the set of methods that an instance of a class that has that interface could respond to. It is actually a concept of abstraction and encapsulation.

Domain Driven Design: Components

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  • 5 mins read
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We already discussed about the basic concepts and terms in Domain Driven Design (DDD), check out the Introduction post if you missed it. Also we explained which Layers compose the DDD architecture. Now let's see the artifacts we use to unify these concepts and build our application (with PHP example).

Native enumerations in PHP

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  • 6 mins read
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Enumerations, or Enums allow a developer to define a custom type that is limited to one of a discrete number of possible values. That can be especially helpful when defining a domain model, as it enables making invalid states unrepresentable. In other words, enums are a restricting layer on top of classes and class constants, intended to provide a way to define a closed set of possible values for a type.

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