Pagination in MongoDB: efficient retrieval and display of data

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  • 5 mins read
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Pagination is a crucial aspect of modern web applications that deal with large datasets. When working with MongoDB, a popular NoSQL database, efficient pagination techniques become essential to retrieve and display data in a controlled manner. MongoDB provides various features and functions to achieve efficient pagination. In this article, we will examine these concepts, exploring how they can be used to implement pagination effectively in MongoDB.

Getting started with MongoDB

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  • 10 mins read
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MongoDB is a popular open source and document oriented database system. It belongs to a family of databases called NoSQL, which is different from the traditional table based SQL databases. It makes use of collections, each having multiple documents, and allows the user to store data in a non relational format. Data is stored in flexible, JSON-like documents where fields can vary from document to document. That's the reason for calling it schemaless database.

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