Facebook OAuth2.0 access for web application

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  • 12 mins read
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Facebook is very popular social network with millions of users worldwide and the number of active Facebook users growing day by day. Their platform allows third party websites to use Facebook as registration or login option with just a few clicks. That is the social login and it allows customers to bring their existing social identities and use them to register and log in without creating a new account explicitly. It saves a lot of time for users and makes the life easier as we don't need to remember all those credentials for different websites anymore.

TikTok Notes starts rolling out as a new rival to Instagram

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TikTok is now introducing its Instagram competitor, TikTok Notes, to specific Android and iOS users in Australia and Canada. This rollout allows users to download the app and participate in limited testing. The announcement was made through a tweet, and the app is also listed on the App Store and Google Play, complete with official images showcasing its features for those who haven't accessed it yet.