Domain Driven Design with Laravel 9

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  • 10 mins read
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Modern web frameworks teach you to take one group of related concepts and split it across multiple places throughout your codebase. Laravel is a robust framework with a big community behind it. Usually it's standard structure is enough for most starting projects.

Building scalable applications, instead, requires a different approach. Have you ever heard from a client to work on controllers or review the models folder? Probably never - they ask you to work on invoicing, clients management or users. These concept groups are called domains.

Domain Driven Design: Introduction

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  • 3 mins read
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Domain Driven Design (from now on DDD) is an approach to software design that focuses mainly on a business problem and how to organize the logic that solves it, leaving aside details like programming languages, infrastructure technologies, etc… DDD is about mapping real-world system or processes into software artifacts.