Customize Laravel pagination views

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Laravel is a powerful PHP framework that has gained popularity due to its simplicity and flexibility. One of the features that make it stand out is pagination. Pagination is a technique used to break large datasets into smaller, more manageable pieces, allowing users to navigate through them with ease. By default, Laravel provides a pagination system that works well for most use cases. However, sometimes you may need to customize it to meet specific requirements. In this post, we will explore how to customize pagination in Laravel.

Laravel blade structure for scalable projects

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Projects tend to grow in size and level of complexity resulting in more and more files. A good base structure may help creating developer-friendly, maintainable and scalable product. Blade is a simple and powerful templating engine included with Laravel. Unlike some PHP templating engines, Blade does not restrict you from using plain PHP code in your templates. In fact, all Blade templates are compiled into plain PHP code and cached until they are modified, meaning Blade adds essentially zero overhead to your application. Blade template files use the .blade.php file extension and are typically stored in the resources/views directory.

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