Firefox rolls out Total Cookie Protection by default to all users worldwide

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Starting today, Firefox is rolling out Total Cookie Protection by default to all Firefox users worldwide, making Firefox the most private and secure major browser available across Windows, Mac and Linux. Total Cookie Protection is Firefox's strongest privacy protection to date, confining cookies to the site where they were created, thus preventing tracking companies from using these cookies to track your browsing from site to site.

New Firefox privacy feature strips URLs of tracking parameters

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Mozilla Firefox 102 is released with a new privacy feature that strips parameters from URLs that are used to track you around the web. Many companies utilize custom URL query parameters technique to track clicks on links.

With the release of Firefox 102, Mozilla has added the new Query Parameter Stripping feature that automatically strips various query parameters used for tracking from URLs when you open them, whether that be by clicking on a link or simply pasting the URL into the address bar.

Track conversions with Goals in Google Analytics

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Goals measure how well your site or app fulfills your target objectives. A goal represents a completed activity, called a conversion, that contributes to the success of your business. Google Analytics goals are a way to capture interactions and allow reports to analyze behavioral, acquisition and demographic data against that information. When a visitor to your site or user of your app performs an action defined as a goal, Analytics records that as a conversion.

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