Getting started with ChatGPT

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ChatGPT is a cutting-edge technology that brings new possibilities to the world of natural language processing. It can help users automate conversations, answer frequently asked questions, provide personalized recommendations, and improve customer engagement. With its cost-effectiveness, accessibility, and scalability, ChatGPT can be a valuable tool for any individual, organization, or developer looking to leverage the power of AI-powered conversation.

OpenAI's 5 level plan to human intelligence

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OpenAI is recognized as a leader in the pursuit of human-level artificial intelligence, reportedly just four steps away from achieving this goal.

The company has introduced a five-level system to monitor its progress in developing artificial general intelligence (AGI), which it shared with employees this week, according to an OpenAI spokesperson cited by Bloomberg. This system ranges from the current level of conversational AI to AI capable of performing organizational tasks. OpenAI plans to present these levels to investors and external stakeholders.

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GitHub Copilot is generally available to all developers

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When you type code or comments, GitHub Copilot suggests the next line of code. But it’s not only a single word or line of code. GitHub Copilot can suggest complete methods, boilerplate code, whole unit tests, and even complex algorithms.

Since the launch of GitHub Copilot technical preview last year, it’s become abundantly clear that AI is one of the best tools to empower the next generation of developers. Already, AI is acting as a copilot in our daily lives. It’s helping us write emails and essays, automatically generate photo albums of our loved ones, and even acts as a digital assistant to help us order groceries. But until now, AI has stopped short of improving code, leaving the process of developing software almost completely manual. That’s changing now. Now GitHub Copilot is generally available to individual developers.

Klarna AI assistant does the work of 700 people

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One month after expanding its OpenAI-driven virtual assistant globally, the Swedish buy-now, pay-later company has unveiled fresh data showcasing its proficiency in managing customer interactions, enhancing shopper satisfaction, and yielding improved financial outcomes. Having announced its collaboration with OpenAI early last year, Klarna positioned itself as one of the pioneers in incorporating the firm's innovative ChatGPT technology into a shopping plug-in. Initially, the natural-language interface facilitated personalized shopping decisions, described by Klarna as "smooth shopping".

Nvidia's capitalization reaches $3.01 trillion

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Nvidia has achieved the status of the world's second most valuable company. As of Wednesday, the chipmaking giant's market capitalization reached $3.01 trillion, surpassing Apple's $3 trillion valuation. With its flagship H100 chip leading the charge in the AI race, Nvidia's market capitalization has continued its upward trajectory. Having attained a $1 trillion valuation in May 2023, the company soared past $2 trillion in February of the current year, surpassing the valuations of both Amazon and Alphabet.