Domain Driven Design: Layers

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  • 4 mins read
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Creating applications that can handle very complex tasks requires separation of code by using directory structures, layers and boundaries. This is where the concept of a Layered Architecture comes in. Projects developed with the Domain Driven Design approach has the following layers: domain, application, infrastructure and user interface (UI).

Domain Driven Design: Introduction

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  • 3 mins read
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Domain Driven Design (from now on DDD) is an approach to software design that focuses mainly on a business problem and how to organize the logic that solves it, leaving aside details like programming languages, infrastructure technologies, etc… DDD is about mapping real-world system or processes into software artifacts.

Domain Driven Design: Components

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  • 5 mins read
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We already discussed about the basic concepts and terms in Domain Driven Design (DDD), check out the Introduction post if you missed it. Also we explained which Layers compose the DDD architecture. Now let's see the artifacts we use to unify these concepts and build our application (with PHP example).

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Adobe has agreed to acquire Figma for $20 billion

  • 1 min read
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Adobe has announced that it's acquiring Figma, a popular design platform, for around $20 billion in cash and stock. Adobe made it official in a press release shortly after rumors surfaced early on Thursday about a potential acquisition. It's big news in the design and development world, particularly as Figma has been competing heavily with Adobe's XD products in recent years.

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